Helen Brian

Childrens Author

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Helen Brian

About the author

Helen lives in Wiltshire with her husband and young son. By day she works a mental health specialist for a homelessness charity and by night she is an enthusiastic debut children’s author.
Helen is enormously passionate about social inclusion, much of the inspiration for her writing comes from her drive and determination to raise awareness of issues that the more vulnerable members of society face.
Helens vast professional experience does not go unnoticed in her literature and she is not afraid to tackle challenging and sensitive issues in her books. She uses relatable and vibrant characters to help her deliver gentle, yet important messages for her readers.
When not writing or working, Helen can be found down on her allotment where she and her son enjoy growing their own veg and making the most of the great outdoors!

About the book


Nobody realised it was Elvis sat there, he could have been anyone, they just didn’t care.

When Elvis suddenly loses his job and his home, he has nowhere to turn, until suddenly, a little stranger steps in to help.

This story  gently raises awareness around the subject of homelessness but also represents kindness and hope.

It doesn’t matter how big and strong you are, we all need a little help sometimes.


The Inspiration Behind Elvis

‘Last New Year’s Eve I was sat at home and it was pouring with rain outside. All of a sudden, Elvis arrived in my head from absolutely nowhere and for the first time in 18 years, I wrote a book draft and saved it on to my laptop.

At the time, I honestly didn’t ever expect it to go any further than story time with my son but I just couldn’t get that elephant out my mind!!

I kept wondering if I could do something positive with the idea and even though I was nervous about it, I felt like it was a story that needed to be told.

I hope you enjoy the book and fall in love with my characters as much as I did on that rainy afternoon.

Helen xx’

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